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подписи/помощь подписи/помощь - Take action on June 16 in support of global education
Сегодня - 29 сентября 2021, Среда
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Take action on June 16 in support of global education

16 июня - день африканского ребёнка

Mobilise for Day of the African Child and Safe Schools header image  

Dear Friend,

When I was six years old, war broke out in my home, Sierra Leone. 

Our home was burned down, and my family and I became refugees. My parents were separated, and my mother had to look after me and my sisters alone in a foreign country.

But throughout all this, my mother had a simple lesson for us:

"You have to believe in a tomorrow. And what prepares you for tomorrow is education."

She was right: education has changed my life.  

Monday is Day of the African Child, which started in solidarity with all those struggling to ensure that their children, too, can get an education.

However, 30 million girls and boys across Africa will not succeed, missing out on their right to an education. 

Over 200 of them are the schoolgirls from Chibok, still missing 60 days since they were abducted from their school in north-east Nigeria.

I'm asking you to believe too, in their tomorrows.

People like you around the world have already organised over 100 Youth Takeovers, demanding that children's right to education - and their ability to go to school safely - are protected.

Will you join us?  

Find the nearest Youth Takeover or organise your own event here.

Thank you for your support, 



P.S. If you're in any doubt about the power of education, ask yourself: where are the few girls of Chibok who escaped Boko Haram? Back in school.

Connect With Us:


Learn more:

Read 16 facts about June 16: Day of the African Child.




Take action on June 16 in support of global education 


In June, thousands of people across the world will mobilise in support of the Nigerian girls of Chibok (#BringBackOurGirls), safe schools and the right of every child to go to school. You can be part of this mobilisation by hosting an event and mobilising your community on Day of the African Child on June 16.

We have everything you need to organise an event in honour of Day of the African Child and in support of the Chibok Girls and safe schools for every child. 

Here’s what you need to do:  

  • Download the action tools and build a team: We have all of the information and tools you need to plan an event. The tools are here.
  • Click here to register an event Create or join an event in your community or school. Our map shows you the events taking place across the globe.
  • Join the online conversation: Follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates and ask others to join!  Take photos and/or videos of the event planning with you and your friends and tweet why education is important to you using these hashtags: #BringBackOurGirls #SafeSchools #AfricanChildDay #EducationCountdown
  • Click here to Donate to the Safe Schools Fund Can't attend an event?  You can support the Safe School Initiative and help make safe education a reality in northern Nigeria.  

This is just the beginning. The June mobilisation leads up to the 500-Day Countdown Campaign to get every child to school.

So, this June, organise a youth takeover event in honour of Day of the African Child. You can register your own event or see if an event is taking place near you.


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