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защита природы защита природы - Hundreds of thousands of dogs will be slaughtered
Сегодня - 19 Июнь 2019, Среда
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Hundreds of thousands of dogs will be slaughtered

Stop Boknal, Korea's Dog Meat Festival


Korea's Boknal festival is currently underway.

Over the next two weekends hundreds of thousands of dogs, largely raised on inhumane but legal dog meat farms, will be slaughtered for the local delicacy, peppery dog meat soup. When Carrie learned that this festival existed, she knew she had to take action. Will you sign her Care2 petition urging the president of Korea to disavow this barbaric practice?

Korea is one of the only countries that allows for legal dog meat farms. But the culture is changing, and fewer and fewer Koreans are eating dog. Animal rights groups are reaching out to farmers, helping them transition to humane crops and get out of the dog meat market.

If the president stepped in and opposed the practice, his influence would be enormous, and hundreds of dogs would be spared. With the 2018 Winter Olympics set to be held PyeongChang, Korea is sensitive to world opinion -- so now's the time for us to act!

The conditions on Korean dog meat farms are often abysmal, and dogs are suffering on their way to slaughter. By adding your voice, you will be standing with animal activists in Korea who are calling for an end to this practice.

It is time that Korea take a stand against animal cruelty. Sign this petition to demand that Korea's president oppose and end the Boknal dog meat festival.

Thank you,

  Aaron V.
The Care2 Petitions Team

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