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u2 u2 - U2ieTour: Opening This Week, Playing All Year
Сегодня - 22 мая 2024, Среда
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U2ieTour: Opening This Week, Playing All Year

It's about to start...

On Thursday night, in Vancouver, Canada, the band open their iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour, the first of seventy shows, stretching all the way through to the end of November. 

The new production is looking sensational

And Bono is fighting fit again, back on his bike with Jimmy Fallon

In North America or Europe? You've probably got your tickets. Maybe you're travelling from other parts of the world. Wherever you're from we want to hear from you...

We'll be featuring a live social stream on U2.com every show day, from the build up as fans arrive to the main event itself. We'll be adding your tweets, photos, video clips and selfies, recording your stories of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE 2015. 

When you post on social media, please use this hashtag: #U2ieTour. With this hashtag we'll be able to find your posts about each show and add them to the U2.com live coverage.

Each show will also have a dedicated live thread in our Zootopia Forums - first one now up & running - while, for our subscribers, the Zoo Live Chat room is open for business.

AFTER THE SHOW - that night or next day - we want you to come back to the site and post your review of the gig and add your images. What songs blew you away? How was the production... staging, video, lights. What did you think of the set list - what were your highlights, what did you miss? 

This is where you post your own report, where you'll find the set list, photos and video... and everyone else's reviews.

The #U2ieTour will be quite a ride. Keep checking in with the site and we'll keep you up to speed. 

best wishes 
The U2.com Team. 

(PS Take a look in our store today for all the new U2IE merchandise...)

U2.com Tour 2015 

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