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защита природы защита природы - Защита животных: помогите ламантинам!
Сегодня - 25 Август 2019, Воскресенье
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Защита животных: помогите ламантинам!

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Protect Manatees from Winter Harassment
Sign the Petition

This time of year, swimming with manatees in the warm waters of Florida might sound nice.

But here's the thing: it can really stress them out when people get too close to them — and that kind of stress can be lethal for these beloved sea cows.

Speak out for manatees. Sign Care2 super activist Sue's petition in support of calmer waters for these wonderful marine mammals.

Known as "sea cows," manatees are a favorite among animal-loving visitors to Florida. They are sweet and harmless. They live a natural, carefree way of life... except when they are harassed.

These gentle animals migrate to Three Sisters Springs in Kings Bay for life-saving warmth during winter months. Manatees need these warm waters to avoid lethal cold-stress syndrome. They need to rest in comfort and serenity at this time without the stress of human harassment.

The good news is that the US Fish & Wildlife Services has released a proposal that would give manatees the peace and tranquility they need by keeping people away from their waters during manatee season. This policy would free these remarkable animals from direct harassment.

Speak out for manatees! Sign Sue's life-saving petition and send a message to the US Fish and Wildlife Service to let them know that you want to see these popular marine mammals protected.

Thanks for taking the time to speak out for those who can't speak for themselves.

For the wild ones,

Chris   Chris B.
The Care2 Petitions Team
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