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защита природы защита природы - Pass It On: Punish Buyers of Poached Chinese Tigers!
Сегодня - 24 мая 2024, Пятница
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Pass It On: Punish Buyers of Poached Chinese Tigers!

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Please sign the petition today! China: Punish Buyers of Poached Tiger Body Parts
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Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for demanding justice for the horrific killing of at least 10 tigers.

There's hope that China may outlaw such activities soon - right now, lawmakers are considering legislation to give jail time to people convicted of consuming endangered animals. Will you help spread the word so we can pass these much-needed protections?

If enough of us speak up now, the Chinese government will be forced to take strong action on this horrible incident. Please send an email to your friends to increase pressure on Chinese authorities, thenshare the petition on Facebook, and send a tweet to ask your network to support the cause. 

Here's a quick message you can copy and send to rally support: 

Hi - 

This is just awful: at least 10 tigers were electrocuted in China to "entertain" a group of businessmen.

It's horrible that these wealthy people thought it would be fun to watch any animal die in front of them, but there are only about 3,000 wild tigers left in the entire world. These people need to be severely punished for destroying these irreplaceable creatures.

I just joined an online campaign calling for everyone involved -- including the people who bought and sold tiger parts -- to be punished. Will you sign the petition too? Here's the link:





Thank you for taking action, 

Julie R.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

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