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защита природы защита природы - Cats used as bait to be ripped to pieces by dogs.
Сегодня - 19 Август 2017, Суббота
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Cats used as bait to be ripped to pieces by dogs.

Защитите кошек в Уэльсе - подпишите петицию!

Cats used as bait to be ripped to pieces by dogs.

Demand justice for Welsh rescue cats!
Sign Now

Some cats were found stabbed and shot to death. Some cats are still missing. Some were found alive in cages covered with ferns, waiting to be found and ripped to pieces by dogs.

A police investigation is ongoing regarding the theft of a number of cats from Ty-Nant Sanctuary in Port Talbot, Wales. The cats were stolen and tortured — including being used as bait for the thieves' dogs. Two men have been arrested in connection with their theft.

Care2 petition author Jenna is asking that if the people in custody are found guilty, that they get the absolute maximum sentence, and are never allowed to own animals or weapons ever again. Sign Jenna's petition now to demand the perpetrators pay the maximum penalty!


Jenna says, "I am sending this petition to the local AM [Assembly Member] Bethan Jenkins. [I am hoping] that she will be able to help stop crimes of this nature by speaking for those that sign, and influencing a maximum penalty to those that have committed this crime. I [also plan to send the petition] to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). I hope that they will see how outraged the public are and the impact this crime has had on so many people."

Join Jenna — show your support for the cats of Ty-Nant Sanctuary and sign her petition now. If there is enough of a global outcry, we may be able to convince the CPS that those responsible must be held accountable for their cruelty.

Thank you,

  Beth G. 
UK Campaigner, Care2

"Протоиерей Александр Мень: Путь Человеческий"
01.01.2017 - 31.12.2017: ст. Семхоз Московской области, центр "Дубрава"

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