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подписи/помощь подписи/помощь - "I fled for my life" - This is Aderonke's story
Сегодня - 24 Август 2019, Суббота
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"I fled for my life" - This is Aderonke's story



Posted By: Apata Ronnie (campaign leader)

"Growing up in Nigeria, I was unable to disclose my sexuality, yet unable to hide it. 

The culture in Nigeria makes it clear that being gay or transgender is a sin, a sentiment that is fueled by homophobic messages from faith communities, political leaders, families, and schools. 

I took these messages in, identified with them, and carried the shame of being a lesbian woman in Nigeria.

After graduating from University, I was arrested, tortured and extorted by the Nigerian Police. I was forced to endure the murder of three members of my family, who were killed because of my sexuality.

After a false allegation of adultery, I was sentenced to death by stoning by the "Sharia" Court. 

It was then that I fled for my life.

Now, I am under threat of deportation in the UK, at risk of being sent back to a country that just passed an anti-gay law that would send me to prison for 14 years. I feel I will receive that sentence only if I am able to keep my life." 

 - Aderonke

Please share this story with others, and ask them to join us in protecting one of Nigeria's bravest activists and voices for equality.

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