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  ГОСУДАРСТВО РАБОТАЕТ НА МАЖОРА. Убийство Карины Залесовой В эпицентре огня
подписи/помощь подписи/помощь - Demand Justice for Venezuelan Protesters!
Сегодня - 22 Август 2019, Четверг
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Demand Justice for Venezuelan Protesters!


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Since last week, four people have been killed and dozens wounded in the protests in Venezuela. Enough is enough.
Please sign the petition today!


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Dear Friends, 

For years, Venezuela has been plagued by widespread crime, extreme inflation and high prices on necessary products. But now that protesters have nowhere else to turn, they're taking to the streets -- and many of them are suffering for it.

The country only has one television station that broadcasts voices critical of the government; last week, President Maduro banned an overseas news channel for showing footage of a slain protester. The government has done its best to silence its own people's voices. And when those citizens react in anger, they're gunned down.

In the last week, four protesters have been shot to death in Venezeula, including last year's Miss Tourism 2013. Dozens have been injured, and many more have been arrested.

One Venezuelan Care2 member, Gabriela M., started a petition to ask for support from people like you. She writes: We are supposed to live in a free country, with democracy, but which democracy we have if when we are gonna express our point of view they want to silence us ... and shoot their arms against us?

Will you join Gabriela and the Venezuelan people by signing her petition to demand an end to the government's violence and oppression?


Thank you for taking action, 

Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

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